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30 Nov 2017 11:48 PM | Anonymous

Abstracts presented at the NEHS 45th Annual Meeting on December 1, 2017.

(8:00) Rate of and Risk Factors for Revision Carpal Tunnel Release de Planque, CA BSc; Oflazoglu, K MD; Westenberg, RF MD; Jupiter, JB MD; Eberlin, KR MD; Chen, NC MD; van Hooven, Daphne BSc

(8:05) The relative motion splint can tolerate active motion irrespective of wrist position: a cadaveric study Kanouzi, Jack MD; Gary, Cyril MD; Meis, Regina MD; Tsai, David MD; Dymarczyk, Marsha PT, CHT; Thomson, Grant MD, MSc

(8:10) Refractures After Plate Fixation of Forearm Fractures Wolvetang, Nicolaas BSc; Lans, Jonathan MD; Chen, Neal MD

(8:25) Distal Radius Fractures: Cost Differences between ORIF and CRPP of Type-C Fractures Cost-Analysis Ozkan, Sezia MD; Westenberg, Ritsaart, MD; Helliwell, Lydia MD; Mudgal, Chaitanya MD

(8:30) Outcomes of Minimally Invasive Plate Osteosynthesis (MIPO) for Distal Radius Fractures Hopkins, Chris MD; Barrazueta, Gustavo MD; Lagreca, Jaren MS; Kimball, Hervey MD

(8:35) Open Reduction and Internal Fixation of Radial Head Fractures: Screws or Plates? Lans, Jonathan MD; Notermans, Bo MD; van der Vielt, Quirine; Jupiter, Jesse MD; Chen, Neal MD; George, Keith BS

(8:40) Surgical Decision Making in Median Neuropathy Associated With Distal Radius Fractures Ozkan, Sezai MD; Bloemers, Frank W. MD, PhD; Evans, Brady, MD, MBA; Watkins, Colyn J. MD; Heng, Marilyn M. MD; Mudgal, Chaitanya S. MD; Gottlieb, Rachel, BSc

(9:00) *Thirty-day Complications after Thumb Carpometacarpal (CMC) Joint Arthroplasty: an ACS-NSQIP study Shah, Kalpit MD; DeFroda, Steven F.; Wang, Bo; Weiss, Arnold-Peter C. MD

(9:05) *Steroid Injection in Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: A Critical Analysis Yuen-Jong Liu, MD; Wu, Robin BS; Thomson, J. Grant MD, MSc

(9:10) *Surgery Cancellation Rates in the Uninsured and Underinsured Population: A Quality Improvement Study Gale, Andrea MD; Ashmead Duffield, MD

(9:15) *Metacarpal healing time in the elderly Trouw, Arie MD; Ashmead, Duffield, MD; Wollstein, Ronit, MD; Carlson, Lois

(10:05) (10:00) *Elbow Dislocation and Subluxation Injuries in the National Collegiate Athletic Association, 2009-2010 through 2013-2014 Goodman, Avi D. MD; Lemme, Nicholas BS; DeFroda, Steven F. MD; Gil, Joseph A. MD; Owens, Brett D. MD; Walsh, Devin MD

(10:00) (10:05) *A Radiologic Study of Elbow Morphology Goodman, Avi D. MD; DeFroda, Steven F. MD; Gil, Joseph A MD; Got, Christopher J. MD; Baum, Evan BS 

(10:10) *Risk factors for 30-day Complications after Operative Fixation of Distal Humerus Fractures: an NCS-NSQIP Study Shah, Kalpit MD; DeFroda, Steven F. MD; Fletcher, Amanda MD; Got, Christopher MD

(10:23) *Rates, Treatment, and Perioperative Outcome in Acute Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in Patients with Operative Distal Radius Shah, Kalpit MD; Goodman, Avi MD; Durand, Wesley BSc, Daniels, Alan H. MD; Weiss, Arnold-Peter C. MD

(10:28) *Potential Adverse Events as the Result of Emergent Application of Upper Extremity Tourniquets:  A Rationale for Education about Proper Indications and Techniques to Control Vascular Injury DeRoss, Lance MD; Siddiqui, Usman MD; Mansour, Ahmed MS; Mello, Nicholas; Babigian, Alan MD

(10:33) *Predictors of Postoperative Complications in Patients Undergoing Elective Hand Surgery in a Stand-Alone Outpatient Setting Shah, Kalpit MD; DeFroda, Steve MD; Wang, Bo MSc; Weiss, Arnold-Peter C. MD

(10:45) The Initial Learning Phase of Collagenase Clostridium Histolyticum Injections Zhao, John Z. MD; Mora, Ariana, BA; Earp, Brandon E. MD

(10:50) Radiotherapy for Dupuytren’s Disease McAnaw, Basia Ann MD

(2:30) Pathologic Fractures in Neoplasms of the Fingers Oflazoglu, K MD; Lans, Jonathan MD; Chen, NC MD; Lozano-Calderon, S.

(2:35) Metastatic non-small cell adenocarcinoma of the lung masked by thumb trauma: a case report Kirkpatrick, Andrew, MD; Breen, Thomas F MD

(2:40) Recurrence Rate of Primary Bone Tumors of the Fingers Lans, Jonathan MD; Oflazoglu, K MD; Castelein, R.M. MD PhD; Lozano-Calderon, S.; Chen, Neal C MD

(3:00) Tracking Functional Changes Best Evaluates Early Sympotmatic Thumb Carpometacarpal Arthritis Progression Gil, Joseph A. MD; Kleiner, Justin BS; McQuillan, Thomas J. BA; Kenny, Debbi MS OTR; Ladd, Amy L. MD; Weiss, Arnold-Peter C. MD; Crisco, Joseph J. PhD

(3:05) Factors Associated with Reoperation after Silicone Metacarpophalangeal (MCP) Joint Arthroplasty Notermans, Bo JW MD; Lans, Jonathan MD; Arnold, Denise MJ BSc; Jupiter, Jesse B MD; Chen, Neal C. MD

(3:10) The Role of the A0 Pulley in Trigger Finger: A Cadaver Model Wu, Robin BS; Liu, Yeun-Jong, MD; Gary, Cyril S MA; Kanouzi, Jack MD; Sumpio, Brandon BA; Thomson, J. Grant MD, MSc

(3:35) (3:30) Patient Perceptions and Preferences for Osteoporosis Treatment Mora, Ariana, BA ; Blazar, Philip E. MD; Rogers, Jenna C. MPH; Earp, Brandon E. MD

(3:45) (3:35) Does a Brief Mindfulness-based Exercise Improve Outcomes in Upper Extremity Patients?: A Randomized Control Trial Westenberg, Ritsaart, MD; Zane, Emily MSc; Heinhuis, Tessa BSc; Ozkan, Sezai MD; Nazal, Adam MD; Lee, Sang-Gil MD; Chen, Neal C MD; Vranceanu, AM PhD

(3:50) (3:40) Discussion

(4:00) Finger Range of Motion Measurements of the Fingers via Smartphone Photography Zhao, John Z., MD; Blazar, Philip E. MD;  Mora, Ariana, BA; Earp, Brandon E. MD

(4:05) pMPC Viscoelastic: A bioinert injectable gel for lubricating osteoarthritic finger joints Cooper, Benjamin PhD; Monovoukas, Yiannis PhD MBA; Grinstaff, Mark PhD

(4:10) Implementation of an Outpatient Post-Operative Opioid Protocol Significantly Reduces Morphine Milligram Equivalents Prescribed Earp, Brandon MD; Silver, Jacob A. BS; Mora, Ariana N. BA; Blazar, Philip E. MD

(4:15) Anomalous flexor digitorum muscle belly, a case of acute carpal tunnel and volar compartment syndrome with literature review Jao, Brian MD; Crespo, Jason MD; Rothkopf, Douglas MD

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