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46th Annual Meeting Abstracts

06 Dec 2018 6:59 PM | Anonymous

(8:00) Digital Salvage by Transposition of Adjacent Ray Components Scott Persing, MD; Ean Saberski, MD; David Tsai, MD; Felicity Fishman, MD; Grant Thomson, MD

(8:06) Gun Shot Fractures of the Forearm Are Bad Actors! A Multicenter Evaluation David Veltre, MD; Paul Tornetta III, MD

(8:12) Optimization of Motor Signal Output with Targeted Muscle Reinnervation in Upper Extremity Amputation David Tsai, MD; Ean Saberski, MD; Scott Persing, MD; Grant Thomson, MD; James Clune, MD

(8:18) Microsurgery Educational Tool for Objective Skill Assessment: A Step-wise Approach to Microanastomosis – A Pilot Study Jack Kanouzi, MD; Rajendra Sawh-Martinez; David Tsai MD; Deepak Narayan; J. Grant Thomson MD

(8:24) Long-term Patient Reported Outcomes After Surgery for Hypothenar Hammer Syndrome Lazin Germawi, BSc; Leah Demetri, MD; Jonathan Lans, MD; Rachel Gottlieb, BSc; George Dyer, MD; Kyle R. Eberlin, MD; Neal C. Chen, MD

(8:45)  Correlation of Ultrasound, Nerve Conduction Studies and Surgical Results in Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Janelle Greene, MD; Ameya Save, MD; Tamara John, MD; Jonathan Grauer, MD; Richard Bernstein, MD

(8:51) Response to Local Anesthesia as a Metric for Objective Risk of Persistent Postoperative Pain Ean Saberski, MD; Scott Persing, MD; David Tsai, MD; Kyle Gabrick, MD; Marc Walker, MD; Grant Thomson, MD

(8:57)  The Role of Postive Psychology in reports of Pain Intensity and Disability among Hand and Upper Extremity Patients Svenna H.W.L. Verhiel, MD; Jonathan Greenberg, PhD, Emily L. Zale, PhD; Neal C. Chen, MD; David C. Ring, MD, PhD; Ana-Maria Vranceanu, PhD

(9:03) Hook of Hamate Reduction for Pillar Pain Ben Robichaux, MD; Kirk Watson, MD; Daniel Mastella, MD; Duffield Ashmead, MD; Andrea Gale, MD; Lois Carlson, OTR/L, CHT

(9:09) Relocation Nerve Grafting: A Technique for the Management of Symptomatic Terminal Digital Neuromas Brian Freniere, Eric Wenzinger MD; Jonathan Lans MD; Kyle Eberlin, MD

(10:00) Revision Lateral Epicondylitis Surgery using the ECRL Muscle Flap Wajdi Kanj, MD; Christopher Hopkins, MD; Charles Cassidy, MD

(10:06) Outcomes of Revision Distal Biceps Tendon Repair Ryan Kozlowski, MD; Kayvon Golshani, MD; Hervey Kiimball, MD; Charles Cassidy, MD

(10:12) Comparative Efficacy and Safety of Nonsurgical Treatment Options for Enthesopathy of Extensor Carpi Radialis Brevis: A Meta Analysis Amin Mohamadi, MD, MPH; Jayson Lian, BA; Jimmy J. Chan, MD; Phillip Hanna, MD; David Hemmati, BS; Aron Lechitgy, MD; Ara Nazarian, PhD.

(10:28)  Factors Associated with Reoperation after Silicone Proximal Interphalangeal (PIP) Joint Arthroplasty Femke Nawijn, BSc; Jonathan Lans, MD; Bo Notermans, MD; L. Germawi; Kyle R. Eberlin, MD; Jesse B. Jupiter, MD; Neal C. Chen, MD

(10:34) Reconstruction of Collateral Ligament Injury using Extensor Retinaculum Grafting John Gorski, MD; Duffield Ashmead IV, MD; Dan Mastella, MD

(10:40) Factors Associated with Conversion to Wrist Fusion after Proximal Row Carpectomy or Four Corner Arthrodesis Juliette Nierich, BSc; Jan Jonas van Hernen, BSc; Jonathan Lans, MD; Rohit Garg, MD; Kyle R. Eberlin, MD; Neal C. Chen, MD

(10:46) Acral Lentiginous Melanoma: Does Surgical Approach Matter? Kyle Gabrick; Marc E. Walker; Alex Sun; Jack Kanouzi; Gang Han; James Clune; Stephan Ariyan; Dale Han

(2:45) Intravascular Pyogenic Granuloma of the Hand – A Rare Variant of a Common Post-Traumatic Tumor Micaella Zubkov, MSII; John Gorski, MD; Kahryn Vignati, PA-S; Andrew Ricci, MD; Alan Babigian, MD

(2:51) Malignant Soft Tissue Sarcoma of the Hand: Is Unplanned Excision a Problem? Jonathan Lans, MD; Kai-Loi Yue; Rene M. Castelein, MD, PhD; Neal C. Chen, MD; S. Lozano-Calderon, MD, PhD

(2:57)    Osteoarticular Allograft Reconstruction After Distal Radius Tumor Resection: Long-Term Patient Reported Outcomes Navapong Anantavorasakul, MD; Jonathan Lans, MD; Sarah Ballatori MD; R. M. Castelein, MD, PhD; Neal C. Chen, MD; S. Lozano-Calderon, MD, PhD

(3:03) Aggressive Digital Papillary Adenocarcinoma of the Finger: Case Report of a Rare Hand Tumor Marc E. Walker MD MBA; Arvind Gowda, MD; Earl J. Glusac MD; J. Grant Thomson, MD

(3:15) Surgery for Symptomatic Neuroma: Anatomic Distribution and Predictors of Secondary Surgery Luca Bruin, BSc, Nicolaas Wolvetang, MD; Jonathan Lans, MD; Svenna Verhiel, MD; Bo Notermans; Neal C. Chen, MD; Kyle R. Eberlin, MD

(3:23) Long term Outcome after Ulnar Tunnel Release Ristaart F. Westenberg, MD; Daphne van Hooven, MD; Neal C. Chen, MD

(3:30) Patient-reported outcomes after treatment of symptomatic neuromas of the superficial radial sensory nerve Rachel Gottlieb, BSc; Ristaart F. Westenberg, MD; Neal C. Chen, MD; Kyle R. Eberlin, MD

(3:45) Spontaneous Extensor Pollicis Longus Rupture: A Case Report with Literature Review Brian Jao, MD; Kelli Hickle, MD; Garrick Gu, BS; N. Godfrey, MD; Anselm Wong, MD

(3:51) A Case of an irreducible dorsal PIP discussion Teresa J. Pianta, MD

(3:57) A Case Report: Delayed Extensor Pollicis Longus Rupture after Nondisplaced Scaphoid Fracture Ben Robichaux, MD; Nicholas Bontempo, MD

(4:03) Modern Tools for Long-Term Follow-up following a Pediatric Hand Surgical Camp in Lima, Peru Connor J. Peck, BS; Robin T. Wu, BS; Peter Hetzler, BS; Evita G. Weagel, PhD; Jack Kanouzi, MD ; Marc E. Walker, MD: Yeun Jong Liu, MD; John Scott Persing, MD; Grant Thomson, MD

(4:10) Comparative Effectiveness of Anesthetic Agents Used in Hematoma Blocks for Upper Extremity Fractures in Reducing Narcotic Requirements Garrick Gu, MS; Jing Bai Qin; Danielle Stamer; Heather Tessier MS; Douglas Rothkopf, MD

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