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2019 Meeting Abstracts

06 Dec 2019 8:00 AM | Anonymous

All abstracts presented at 2019 Meeting on December 6, 2019

(8:00) *A Novel Approach to Superficial Palmar Arch Reconstruction Ian Powelson, MD; Ariel Wampler, BS; Michael K Matthew, MD

(8:05)  *Occupational Hand Injuries of Workers in Connecticut Ravi Viradia, MD; Ilene Staff; Lois Carlson, OTR/L; Duffield Ashmead, MD; Kyle Grooms, MD; Dan Mastella, MD

(8:10) *Multidisciplinary Management of Complex Upper Extremity Trauma Neel S Joshi, MD; Brian Wong Won, MD; Georgios Mihalopulos, MD; Julia Perugini; Alan Babigian, MD

(8:25) *Skinny Wire and Plate Fixation for Complex Intraarticular Distal Humerus Fractures: A Novel Surgical Technique and Results Jeffery J. Olson, MD; George S.M. Dyer, MD

(8:30)  *Excision of proximal pole scaphoid nonunion with suture-anchor scapholunate ligament repair: a novel technique Joanne Y. Zhang, MD, MBA; Andrew Shaheen, PA-C, MBA; Brian W. Clair, MD, MBA; Eric T. Tolo, MD

(8:35) *Matrilin-2 and Chitosan form a Three-Dimensional Scaffold within a Collagen Conduit and Increase the Rate of Schwann Cell Migration Neill Li, MD; Brandon Vorrius, MS; Julie Katarincic, MD; Qian Chen, PhD

(10:00) Bone Density Alterations in Scaphoid Waist Fractures: An Early Indicator for Non-union Satoshi Miyamura MD, PhD.; Jonathan Lans MD; Janice J. He MD; Tsuyoshi Murase MD, PhD.; Jesse B. Jupiter MD; Neal C. Chen MD

(10:07)  Outcomes of flexor tendon rupture following volar plate fixation Lazin Germawi, BSc; A. Macken; S. Ozkan; J. Lans; J.B. Jupiter; N.C. Chen

(10:30) *Assessment of Complications Associated with Casting of Acute Distal Radius Fractures in Adults Joseph Kahan MD MPH; Giscard Adeclat MD; Anna Jorgensen MD; Andrea Halim MD

(10:37) Axillary Web Syndrome Following Xiaflex Injection Jan Soares, OTR/L, CHT; Duffield Ashmead, MD

(11:00) *Risk Factors and Complications Associated with Prolonged Opioid Use Following Surgical Management of Thumb Carpometacarpal Arthritis Avi Goodman, MD; Neill Y, Li, MD; Greg F. Elia, MD; Kalpit N. Shah, MD; Edward Akelman, MD; Alan H. Daniels, MD

(11:07) *Trends In Intern Opioid Prescribing At An Academic Institution And Opioid Prescribing Protocols Craig Moores, MD; Steven Lauzon, MA; Robert Cina,MD; Fernando Herrera, MD

(11:14) Prolonged Opioid Use Following Surgery for Symptomatic Neuroma Jonathan Lans, MD; R.F. Westenberg, MD; Neal. C. Chen, MD; Kyle.R. Eberlin, MD

(11:21) Is Opioid-Limiting Legislation Effective for Hand Surgery Patients? Kalpit Shah, MD; Daniel B.C. Reid, MD, MPH; Jack H. Ruddell, BA; Benjamin H. Shapiro, MS; Joseph A. Gil, MD; Alan H. Daniels, MD; Edward Skelman, MD

(11:28) *Diversity among trainees in the field of Hand Surgery: Trends among Gender and Under-Represented Minorities 2007-2017 Craig Moores, MD; Abhishek Jain, BA; Steve Hermiz, MD; Fernando A. Herrera, MD; Alexandre Prassinos, MD

(2:45) Improved Short-Term Outcomes of Operative Versus Conservative Management of Distal Radius Fractures in the Elderly Jing Bai Qin, MD; Garrick Gu, BA; Heather Tessier, MS; Angel Baez, MS; Anselm Wong, MD; Douglas Rothkopf, MD

(2:52) Early Results of Thumb CMC Arthroplasty using a Rolled Human Collagen Implant Arnold-Peter C Weiss, MD

(2:59) Complications and factors associated with reoperation following total wrist arthodesis Merel Hazewinkel, BSc; Jonathan Lans, MD; Neal C. Chen, MD

(3:06) Reoperation following zone II flexor tendon repair Mara Meulendijks, BSc; Luca Bruin, BSc; Jonathan Lans, MD; Frederick Wang; Kyle R. Eberlin, MD; Neal C. Chen, MD

(3:12) Patient Reported Outcomes After Late Long Head Biceps Tenodesis after Spontaneous Rupture Sina Monfared, BA; Jonathan Lans, MD; Neal C. Chen, MD

(3:18) Understanding circumstances behind sharps injuries in orthopedic and plastic surgery residents & barriers to reporting Julian D'Achille, MD, MPH; Marci D. Jones, MD

(3:24) Zone II Flexor Pollicis Longus Repair: Thumb Flexion and Complications Kiera Lunn, BSc; Luca Bruin, BSc; Jonathan Lans, MD; Kyle R. Eberlin, MD; Neal C. Chen, MD

(3:45) Response rates in orthopaedic hand surgery questionnaires studies: Which patients participate? Yannick Hoftzier, BSc; Juliette Nierich, BSc; Ritsaart F. Westenberg, MD; Jonathan Lans, MD; Rohit Garg, MBBS; Kyle R. Eberlin, MD; Neal C. Chen, MD

(3:55) A Case Report:  Skeletal Anomalies Associated with Proximal Symphalangism Kyle Grooms, MD; Nicolas Bontempo, MD

(4:05) Total Wrist Arthroplasty Alignment and Its Effect on Range-of-motion: Higher Volar Tilt and Shift Associated with Higher Range-of-Motion Bardiya Akhbari, M.Sc; Kalpit N. Shah, MD; Amy M. Morton, M.Sc; Douglas C. Moore, M.Sc; Scott W. Wolfe, MD: Arnold-Peter Weiss, MD; Joseph J. Crisco, Ph.D

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